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Hello, hope anyone could help me with this:I have a customer who actually has an ironport 4255, with license for 1500 users, this device is currently failing performance because my customer has grown in users.I´d like to know what device i must sugge...

Hi GuysI would like some advise/ideas on the best solution for the below.I have a application server which uses non standard HTTP/HTTPS ports.What I want is a solution to translate these ports to standard ports.Client 1 accesses the site on port 80 –...

My Scenario:Cisco ASA 5510 directly facing the internet on E0/0 (1 Public IP only) with internal LAN on E0/1. Exchange 2010 OWA working fine with ACL and NAT rules configured.Problem:•1.       Cannot publish internal web servers to outside, have trie...

Hi all, what would be a typical FW config to allow inbound ftp but block outbound ftp?Internal users need to be able to download files using FTP but they are not allowed to send out data using FTP.ThanksGabriel Baeza

gabaeza by Beginner
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HelloI have a WAN interface and 2 LAN interface. I need both the LAN be able to access a server outside the network via the WAN (outside) interface. I am using a ASA 5510 firewall instead of a router, because I don't have a router.It looks simple eno...

suryashiva by Beginner
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I am just curious, how many people are using Cisco Security Manger?  We are going through a test deployment and so far this has a lot of Checkpoint look and feel.I just wanted to get some feedback from people who have used it and who are still using ...

I have a ASA5505 with 1GB of RAM and the latest version of software.I have several ESXi with vSphere 5.1. I want to put a VM with CentOS 5.x in the DMZ. The Centos machine works well if I define a PAT WITH the outside interface.But when I configure s...

I have a range ip: and default staff can access full internet.Range 1. Access full internetASA5510(config)# object network Full-internet-AccessASA5510(config-network-object)# range

jerrybu01 by Beginner
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