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Hello Good afternoon I'd like to see if you can help me with a consultation we currently have an FMC that manages 4 FTD all in version 7.0.5, when you enter the healt monitor option this shows well the health graphics associated with the FMC but the ...

Translator by Community Manager
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Hello, Could someone help me on how I can access to a Vlan from my vpn subnet ( pool ) ? VPN Pool is : LAN : Version of my firewall is : Cisco Firepower 1010 Threat DefenseThank you Hamza     

hi,i have ftd with fmc running 7.0.1, i have configured the syslog server to send the remote vpn syslogs to a NAC for posture and compliance check. Now the logs are showing up in the NAC, but, in encrypted format not in cleartext.Kind assistance is r...

Hello, I've recently come across an issue where there are no Intrusion Events being populated in the FMC. The last Intrusion event log was about 10 days ago, but now there is "No Data" under Overview -> Intrusion and when I go to Analysis -> Intrusio...

iolide by Level 1
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On the documentation, you can't backup a cluster.  How do I backup the configurations on the FTDs on the FMC?  I do get that the configurations are mostly on the FMC's but do they cover everything?Backup is not supported for:threat defense clustersTh...

red2play by Level 1
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I'm using FMC 7.0.4 and While trying to take FMC backup I'm getting this error: Registration or CSM state are blocking backup. whereas, I am able to take the backup of FTD HA pair. Any Solution/Suggestion ?    

Divyank by Level 1
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