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Hi all ,       Please go through my network diagram I am using ospf in the network .I only mentioned some of the routers in the diagram .Consider a Department A which is having a branch connected to Router R3 and to some other routers through E1 link...

Hi,We have 2 ASA's configured in ACTIVE/ACTIVE mode. Have 2 failover groups configured and currently both the groups (1 and 2) are active in secondary unit. How I can bring the groups to its default position. i.e. group 1 active in Primary and group ...

In CSM 3.x, we had a group of about 50 IPS sensors working in auto-deployment.  Since our migration to 4.x (now 4.3sp1), this auto-deployment job will only process 5 sensors despite the job being recreated several times.Do we need Auto Update Server ...

kevinknaul by Beginner
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I bought a Cisco IPS 4215. It was used and had an exisiting configuration on it already. When I tried to do a password recovery via Grub the process seemed like it finished but never allows me to console via new password. Now the unit files seem to b...

ravez by Enthusiast
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Hi,This may be a lame question, but under what command can I change the name statement "name mail-ext"? Also, can the name statement be changed without removing the NAT statement and access-list?ASA Version 7.2(2)!hostname asa5510domain...

                   We will be moving to a new data center in the very near future and with them our WAN IP addresses will be changing. Can someone suggest our best course of action for changing the IP addresses throughout the firewall configuration? ...

greg.caron by Beginner
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