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Hi!We have 2 ASA5510 and 2 ASA5525. Got a very weird error; up to release 8.4 eigrp works fine, after upgrading to 8.6 eigrp stops working.If i do 'sh ei nei' i get this after upgrade to 8.6:GRPCPDFW01# sh ei neighbors deEIGRP-IPv4 neighbors for proc...

groupalia by Beginner
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Hi,     I try to find a solution but got some problem ...      I got Two DMZ, one name "Dmz" and other "service" I can have the same security level but not a problem. I want that traffic from Dmz to service works in some TCP port to some IP and from ...

o.fulbert by Beginner
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Hi all,Our customer is experimenting really bad performance when runing 10Gig traffic through FWSM on C6509. Test with1 Gig traffic are providing find result perfromance as expected in this document: I ...

lap by Explorer
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HiMy basic query is whether a dot1q trunk carrying 2 VLANs (guest wireless and corporate LAN) can still be firewalled using the zone based firewall on an IOS firewall on a 1941 ISR. Here's more background:It's for a number of branch sites that will h...

Resolved! Access list help

Background:This is my 1st time working with the post 8.4 IOS on the ASA and have a question regarding access lists.  My ASA is running ver 8.6 and is configured with 3 interfaces, inside, data and outside.   The inside network is for management\monit...

support by Beginner
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