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Hi all, I need help to block skype 5.1 in my network. This version of skype doesn't need Administrator rights to be installed.In my network there are 2 ways to Internet, one filtered by a PIX 525 ver 6.3(3) and the other by a ASA 5510 ver 8.3(2).No I...

c.valenti by Beginner
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Hi all – Have picked up something really strange on our IPSIPS Info NME-IPS-K9 Version 7.0(4)E4 sig 552.0 (configured inline)We have seen on our mail servers connecting that we get the following errorconversation with <remotemailserver> timed out wh...

so I look up ASA5505 licensing and for VLAN support see:3 (no trunking support)/20 (with trunking support)*I need 3 VLANs...inside, outside, and DMZ..but when it is creating the third (DMZ) it says I am only allowed to have 2 VLANs and can only creat...

slug420 by Beginner
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I'm running two C6509 Chassis with FWSM and ACE module install on each chasiss.I have no problem with session into 1 FWSM and 2 ACE modules.But 1 FWSM module can't be access by session command.As I understand two FWSM module status is OK, and working...

Hi all,I have been trying to find this information somewhere with no luck.  I am new to the IPS modules with Cisco and need to install and configure two AIM-SSM-10 modules in my company's ASA 5520s.  What I would like to do is set them up in promiscu...

I have a VLAN 6 that is dedicated to a Partner organization (they share our bandwidth and schedule conference rooms with our Exchange).Question is how do I configure ACLs to direct ALL traffic to and from Partner, exception of accessing our Outlook W...

gmcvb by Beginner
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I'm having trouble configuring an ASA into a network solution.  We have a 501 with the outside interface on, the inside interface as, and a DMZ on in the DMZ there is a HTTP/FTP/TFTP server connected to

Famous_20 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,On ASA  ASDM mode i config the ICMP rule any outside deny any IP any Mask.So basically i am denying ICMP on outiside interface of ASA from any IP address and subnet mask.After doing this here is results1> From ASA  ping to inside interfac...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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When setting up a subinterface for a VLAN...What do you set the security level at for the actual interface?As seen below, I've managed to do two different things.Intially I didn't know what I was you hear that alot.  1)  Ethernet0/1 the a...

gmcvb by Beginner
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