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Really simple ASA configuration with two interfaces:C is directly connected, TEST104S [1/0] via, TEST111C is directly connected, TEST111Notice the 1...

will by Participant
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Hello,I have a doubt about which mac-address should I give to the ISP.The documentation says the mac used by the asa is the burnet-in mac. See bellow.I gave to the isp2 the burned-in mac address, but they said that do not see any traffic.To test the ...

Hi all,I have Asa 5510 with base license and no 3des free license installed on to it.Will it be required for both the licenses to be installed on it for site to site tunnels to establish.This firewall is not taking the below commands to give and the ...

Hello all,Do you know if the ASA 5505 will allow the addition of a 2nd ISP to its config? I know the device is capable of doing this but I'm unsure about licensing. My ASA has a Security Plus license that allows for 25 VPN connections and up to 20 VL...

I've the following questionA customer is implementing a dual uplink path to internet , a service provider will bring two separate link with two public addressing and two routers , and asked to provide a solution to manage the dual path in this way :-...

s_colombo by Beginner
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