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Novices - ASA 5505 - Creating NAT Rule

Our external security department needs to scan, every three months, a computer behind the firewall. I need to create a simple NAT rule that will allow an ip address or subnet to the computers behind the ASA 5505. At the moment, we have a simple NAT r...

par13 by Beginner
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CSC throughput

Hi to all,I'm wondering what's the maximum throughput the CSC module can handle. Does anybody have numbers / experiences?A customer is experiencing bad performance when load on the outside interface of ASA is about 10 MBit/s. I don't know how much of...

deismann1 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 7.0(8)

Hello,I have a ASA configured with static NAT and also the global PAT by the DMZ interface, whenever the traffic heading towards the DMZ.I have a some questions:Nat control is disabled but stilli see the translation are done for static and PATAnd als...


Help GUYZ i just want an advise since I am the one responsible on configuring our new cisco asa ASA version 8.2(5)WEB server ip = scenario was that we have a web server on the inside segment then I wanted to allow only http to the outsi...

I don’t know where’s the problem !!!

Hello ,I spend 3 days trying to ping or to reach anything from    to And it’s not working, can anyone helpThanksASA Version 8.2(2)16 !hostname ASAdomain-name corp.localnamesdns-guard!interface Ethernet0/0nameif outsides...


Hi AllI am hoping for some help on the following, this is an ASA-5520 and I am seeing high CPU in the Dispatch Unit. This issue only started the other day with no changes taking place.ASA code 8.2(5)In the show interface I am seeing (I have added int...

mj11 by Participant
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We have a 5520 ASA which allows external users access to resources on our internal LAN network. The resources that access is needed to are on a 192.168.x.x subnets. These subnets cannot be routed across our WAN links. All of our external sites are...


Hello All,I am currently having a ping issue with my FWSM and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. So, I have a 6500 along with an FWSM running in transparent mode. This is a test environment so I can make changes at any time. Below is...

access-list on ASA

Dear all,can you show me what's the difference in CPU load between two ACL below:Scenario 1:access-list 101 line 16 extended permit tcp host host eq 7017 access-list 101 line 17 extended permit tcp host host 10.4.28...

mr Anh by Beginner
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Hi I am looking for a newer version of securedesktop-ios- just installed c3825-advsecurityk9-mz.124-24.T6.bin on a Cisco 3825 router, and I want to be sure that I am current.Does anyone know if there is a newer version, or if I would...

how to check complete show run configuration and packet flow from outside to inside

Hi Team,I have a concern with reference to know about the command to show all running configuration in multiple-context mode with single command.Please also elobarate the difference between the packet flow from inside to outside and outside to inside...

ASA 5510 internal traffic dropped

I am trying to create a pretty basic two interface setup (inside and outside, or as I have labled them in my config LAN and WAN). I have a web server on and can access it from an outside network just fine, but cannot access the page inter...

TPtheStig by Beginner
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