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Dear All, I am trying to make a policy based IPsec tunnel with remote partner and below is the configuration. Do I need to configure the access-list inside and outside or I can skip them? crypto map IPSEC_map 80 match address ABCcrypto map IPSEC_map ...

In the middle of updating a pair of FTD 1010's from 6.6.4 to 6.6.5, the upgrade failed due to the HA links going down for some reason during the upgrade.  We use a port channel for HA and it was all down.  When checking the CLI, I noticed that it sho...

TCSPB by Beginner
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Hi Everyone, On the FTD 2110 running the newest recommended software (6.6.5-81) we have to interfaces on the inside (internal + dmz) and outside one. In dmz there is a service that is exposed to the internet (NAT to the public IP that is with the sam...

Micccc4 by Beginner
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Our FMC keeps throwing in the same VPN status event "VPN tunnell between FWA/peerip/subnetX and FWB/peerip/subnetY is inactive due to to Deleted backup session" Firstly any idea what a backup session refers to? If its a VPN SA, well I've checked the ...

rcullum by Beginner
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HiI would like to create a policy in the FMC using url's like destination, ex: ip source -- url  ( destination  and port (tcp/udp) Is that possible in the fmc/ftd?. My ftd is working in transparent mode together an IPS I don't need url...

Hi!The  ASA 5510 is working with asa8.3.1 and asdm 6.3.1. ( with factory default config )i ve upgraded to  asa8.4.1 and asdm 6.4.1.Now the asdm launcher is frozen after username/password. The asdm upload the softver and write that "software update co...

We have a pair of 2140 FTDs running 6.6.1 that are managed by an FMC running 6.7. We'd like to upgrade the FTDs to later firmware, but can't at the moment. We're in the process of phasing out some ASA 5505's that are running site-to-site VPN tunnels,...

Searching around gave me nothing usable for this rather mundane question:how do I hide the source/dest SGT columns when viewing a policy?platform details are :-Model Cisco Firepower Management Center for VMWareSerial Number NoneSoftware Version 6.7.0...

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