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I'm new to Cisco ASA, looking for some help.  I am trying to configure Nat on a clean ASA 5505, but can't get it to work.  I ran the commands below. On the ASA I can ping the internet and inside vlan ip.  On my laptop I can ping the ASA inside vlan i...

Dear,i have a ips card installed on an ASA.The ASA version 5520 8.2(5)26ips sensor 7.0(7)e4                   Can you help me to understando how to identify the new signature after an signature upgrade?I don't understand how to search the news signat...

f.mottini by Level 1
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Resolved! 8.4 upgrade

I am planning on rolling out 8.4 to all my customers who are currently running 8.2.5. Can anyone provide feedback on 8.4 as to which release is the most stable?Right now I am leaning towards 8.4.2. Also if anyone can share with me bad bug experienc...

I will be moving our ASA 5520 firewall/VPN appliance to a new location in our network. In the near future I would like to split the firewall and VPN functions to two seperate ASA 5520's, but for now I am keeping them together. My question is, I would...

HiI have implemented Cisco NAC for remote VPN users. As part of this they go through 3 checks:1. Antivirus installation check2. Antivirus definition check3. File checkI have configured the definition check to remediate via internal update servers if ...

Terry by Level 1
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Hello,I have pair of ASA 5550 and I am trying to copy a new config to my member1 (active) as the new configuration I want to use for the pair.  I want to copy this to start-up config on member1 and then reload member1 and have it copy the same config...

captwupay by Level 1
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Hi AllI'm currently a tad confused about Bridge Groups and ASA/FWSM in transparent more. Are they really required or not?Here one sample:'s w...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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Hi With the same FTP Client behind the firewall, we are trying to access 2 different FTP servers on Internet. The 1st FTP server is working without issue and able to transfer file.But for the 2nd FTP server we unable to transfer the file. FTP inspect...

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