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EEM Applet using action msg $_syslog_msg

Does anyone have a working sample of an applet using  action msg $_syslog_msg in an EEM Applet, where the syslog message produced comes out in a single line?I'm running IOS 12.4(24)T5 on an 1841 using the applet shown below and it produces 2 lines of...

kstamandk by Beginner
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Hello,We have ordered a new Cisco Iron Port Web Security Appliance. I want to do transparent redirection of all clients  for  http and https traffic to Iron Port.So that reason i wanna configure WCCP on FWSM. My Iron port is connected to 6500 Core in...

Resolved! signature definition files (SDF)

Hello,What’s this file for and why do i need it - namely IOS-S573-CLI.pkg if I already have the 256MB.sdf file to load via the SDM onto the routerDo the two files complement each other?I also downloaded this file: sigv5-SDM-S555 but I am not sure wha...

ohareka70 by Participant
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pix 515e

I have completed my CCNA qualification and i am doing some volunteering for a  none proffit eletronics recyciling company they receved some cisco pix 515e  firewalls and i was aloud to keep one so i can learn how hardwaire firewalls  work and how to ...

How to enable DHCPD logging in ASA 5505

Hi every one.I have configured dhcpd in an ASA 5505 and every thing is working. I am testing it to give me a warning when the address pool is about to be finished or it is empty. But don't konw how to do it. If I run the "debug dhcpd packet", i get t...

wedzek123 by Beginner
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Resolved! IDSM-2 upgrade process questions.

Hello,I started a new job and have been tasked with looking into what we can do with the IDSM-2 module we have in our 6509. The company has not been using the module so it hasn't been updating in a few years. I do not have a current license so I know...

Resolved! ASA Interface Security Level

Hi all,I'm building a new ASA configuration with a dmz interaface and an inside interface.dmz security-level 20inside security-level 100ASA ver 8.2(1)I found that I can pass traffic from hosts off the dmz to hosts on the inside without having to defi...

aeryilmaz by Beginner
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NAT Questions

Can anyone help me ?I would like to know if the following is possible on an ASA, I have tried to get this working but I am having great diffculties:I have a three interface ASA running 8.3 and I want to have the following functionality:1) Have some h...

paultribe by Beginner
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