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Hello,We have a big trouble, becase when we try to "save changes" in a Firewall ASA-5520 this show an error FAILED, and because of this we have lost parts of the configuration. Did you know any solution?sputnik# wr mem Building configuration...No mem...

Hi,    I am looking into buying an ASA5505 but I would like to know if it is going to work in my setup.  I have an Internet connection and 2 seperate networks.  I know that the ASA5505 has 8 ports and I would like to know if I can assign each port to...

ericlamer by Beginner
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folksi'm doing a bit of lab work and tinkering with gns and route distributioni'm trying to find the best way to filter routes (on an ASA) in the rip database so that only specific routes are distributed into a particular ospf process - at the minute...

Hello all,I am planning to integrate a Cisco 2621 (I know it's an older router) into our network alongside a Fortigate 60 firewall. The question I'm stumbling on is where to place the firewall - in front of the router or behind it? I figure that if I...

clippycom by Beginner
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I have a Pix 515E running PixOS version 8.0.4 with two interfaces, inside and outside.On the inside interface, I have a Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.4 64 bits machine as an NFS server version 4 (NFSv4).On the outside interface, I have three (3) Redhat E...

david.tran by Enthusiast
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I have the following class mapsclass-map data match access-list dataclass-map voice match access-list voiceand the following policy-mappolicy-map qos class voice  priority class data  police output 4500000 conform-action dropThe actual bps for "data"...

All,First thanks for any help given.I am trying to configure my ASA5505 to allow SMTP relay and the ACL\Static I created is not working.Here is the config:ASA Version 8.2(2)!names!interface Vlan1nameif insidesecurity-level 100ip address 2...

Hi All,There are two Polycom devices behind ASA (Terminal HDX7000 and MCU RMX1000), ASA is connected to Cisco 1900 router which is connected to ISP.Polycom devices are NATed (unique global address per device) on router and h323 inspection is done on ...

Hello all,Was wondering...  The ASDM firewall dashboard...  Anyone know of a way that we can export the view or otherwise dump it out into html?We have monitoring screens in the office with all our network status information, and the top usage stats ...

pbrunnen by Beginner
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