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Hi, We have an issue where by we connect to various customers and the Cisco IPSEC remote access works fine from our LAN through an ASA5505 to a customer site.We have 1 customer that we have some issues with. We can connect  from the LAN through to th...

Hello,I have a quick question regarding trunking with the ASA5510.  Currently I have 3 switches (DMZ subnet /inside subnet/server subnet) connected to each GE port of the ASA.  Our office/server subnet are the same but I'm looking to break that up. S...

Lentini32 by Beginner
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Dear All,For documentation purpose i have to export all the network object to a spreadsheet with 3 columns (object-name, ip, description)With the PIX it was an easy task to perform with quick shell script (to create a csv file) as PIX was using the n...

Hi folks,I was wondering if anyone can explain why our Cisco ASA Real-Time Log Viewer is spewing out actual IP addresses instead of the network objects created in the firewall access rules?Is there a setting somewhere within the GUI which forces the ...

isoffice1 by Beginner
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Hi,See below output:sh int eth0/1.20Interface Ethernet0/1.20 "video", is up, line protocol is up# Attention: This interface is located in a PCI-e x0 slot. For ## optimal throughput, install the interface in a PCI-e x16 slot ## if one is available. Re...

bunce.jake by Beginner
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hello good people,We have just acquired a cisco profile 42 video conferencing equipment and am required to open ports for SIP and H232, any pointers on hw that can be acquired i have a cisco ASA 5510, Some one told me to open port 16384 but i need po...

My phone was working fine now it is not. I keep getting the errors below. Does anyone know what is going on?P: Intercepted Data Block 15 from inside: to  remote phone outside: block # is 15, expecting 1PP: Inter...