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We use the Clientless SSL portal and it's stopped working all of a sudden.I've checked the logging and check the IP address that I'm coming from to see if I can identify anything and can see no deny, is there anything I could look for or post up here...

Hello,According to the ASA logs, a lot of dns packets (from root dns servers) are dropped because they exceed the limit of 512 bytes (size limit fixed in dns inspection).It seems corresponding to DNSSEC packet.Which value should I use for the DNS pac...

Kooopobol by Level 1
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Hello, i am working with 871w and i am trying to switch form ip inspect to zone-based firewall.  Below are the class-maps, policy-map, zone-pairs, zones, and ACLs.  The issues i am having is that onces i depoly the ZBF, i can not get ip via DHCP.  Pl...

HI Experts , Can you please give me an idea about what this IPS/IDS module for ASA 5505 is ? How much does it cost ? How do I install it and configure it to work with ASA 5505 ?We also have a few site to site VPN setup from ASA 5505 . Would this affe...

I'm struggling to get my NAT working as I am upgrading from a PIX to an ASA running 8.4. I'm trying to duplicate the following that was taken from the PIX:PIX NAT shown here:nat (inside) 1 0 0global (outside) 1 interfaceglobal (outsid...

Hi ...  I'm trying to configure UC-Proxy using an ASA 5505 with software version 8.0.4.I was following the instructions in DOC-5704 and ASA 8.0 CLI.I don't have USB security tokens in UC solution, instead I'm using IP phones Cisco 7961 with MIC.I con...

guigonza by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I have a slight issue with one of our ASA 5510's.I am getting flooded with "Deny IP spoof from (192.168.50.XXX) to 192.168.102.XXX on interface inside"The 192.168.50.XXX in actually the ip address of the inside interface of the ASA and th...

We have a corporate network and when any user tries to download a pdf  file from a specific site i will fail about 95% of the times.The site  is I've been monitoring the firewall using ASDM and  filtering mi ip address and i got the f...

Hi,Has anyone figured out an easy way to convert custom SNORT signatures to the Cisco IDS? There seem to be a lot of parameters that don't really match in the Cisco World to the Snort world and I am wondering if this is something that people are tryi...

edowd by Level 1
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