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Hi varun,I have created site to site ,totally we are using 7mbps speed for entire network,Is it possible to allocate 1 mbps speed dedicated to that site to site.I have another querry if i allocate 1mbps is it 1mbps spped is accessed by them

Hi!i´m trying to make a traditional port forward (http to http) on our new asa5510. Previous releases off 5505 and software prior 8.3 was no problem. Could someone tell me how do it in new 8.4 version? I ám a rookie on the new ASA series!My setup is ...

netbin2009 by Beginner
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Resolved! Which ASA to pick

Hi experts,I need your advice badly on this... One of our clients is trying to pick an ASA as a gateway to Internet. The ISP Internet Pipe will be 100mbps. The ASA will also handle max 100 remote access IPSec VPN sessions. It will do fair amount of N...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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I have been reading various best practice guides for the ASA.  Some people seem to design the network with the inside interface of the ASA connecting to a /28 subnet on a layer 3 vlan connected to a core switch.  All other networks hang of the core s...

Resolved! ASA Anti-Spoofing

Can someone please tell me the full ip ranges that are blocked by enabling anti-spoofing on an interface.I am expecting it to be,,,, RegardsRichard

hello I have start from begin on my asa5510, I given The et0 an inside of and outside of 87.85.**.*** on a /28 network, I can't seem to get on the internet to ping or tracert I have on ACl list Outside 1 source any - destinatiomn any IP P...

Hi allIm very new in using cisco community as well with the PIX i have.I dint have any experience in Using cisco pix firewall. i got this for home lab practice.the pix can be accessed and configured by web based and CLI mode right.. can any of you p...

I'm trying to setup an NAT on an ASA with 8.4. I have no prior experience with the new NAT config, I'm only used to the 7.x way. I need to setup the firewall so inside hosts get PAT'd to external interface. I think I have that successfully done. I al...

matthewatt by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Can someone help me out with this scenario we have? Have an ASA 5505 (proxy arp enabled) but for some reason the only public ip that is reachable is the outside interface IP itself. Other publics that are translated to internal hosts are not accessi...

Hello,I can see on the ASA's ASDM/CLI you can packet capture. How can I do this, I want to packet capture a host on going to on port 3389 is this possible?Thanks

Andy White by Participant
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I have a two ASA HA and I'd like to upgrade the license to ASA5500-SSL-250.I need to know if i have to purchase one license (ASA5500-SSL-250) for the Active unit and one license  (ASA5500-SSL-250) for the standby unit.Thanks

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