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Hallo Community,iam new in asa world so i need your help very much!!i have to config a new vlan(its name vlan220, ip: x.x.220.0/24), vlan220 must have internet and should communicate with another vlan(its name vlan200, ip: x.x.200/24).in ASDM device ...

halooos111 by Level 1
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Hi,I have configured in Asa 5520 as belowobject-group network MOBILE_INaccess-list MOBILE extended permit ip object-group MOBILE_IN anynat (inside) 5 access-list MOBILEso whenever i tried to open youtube it open but when i click on a video it's not p...

HI,I am running an ASA 8.2 code.  I have a public ip address defined on one of my interfaces and all internal traffic is pat'd to that, it works well.  we asked for another public scope from the isp and we defined that on another interface of the fir...

Resolved! SMTP topology

Hi  All,I  have queries regarding network topology when baracuda and smtp server  are deployed in the  server------(2.1)-ROUTER(3.1)---------(3.2)BARACUDA(4.1)-------4.2)ASA(                      ...

vavij by Level 1
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I've configured a 5505 but internal clients can't ping external ip. To test I've connect a pc with the ip of the default router on the Outside int the ASA can ping the PC and the PC can ping the ASA, but internal clients can't ping the PC PC config 1...

My ISP insists on using a /30 IP WAN block to connect to its equipment even though it is an ethernet handoff.  They wil then route a /27 public IP block to my firewall.  I would have liked to skip the WAN block and connect my PIX directly to the inte...

tato386 by Level 6
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Hi,Cisco Pix is able to synchronize with the NTP server.What could be the issue?NTP is connected on the inside zone.configurationntp server source inside-zone prefer.pix can ping the IP and is reachable.Please advise.

Dear All,i have been asked to provide statistics information for the ASA usage (bandwidth/top hosts/services)I tried to have a look under the ASDM but i only see possible statistics for the last 24hours...Is it possible to enable them for one month ?...