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I have a number of ASAs that are running in mult-context mode.  I want to monitor the physcial interface throughput of the ASA using and SNMP tool.  Via the differnet contexts, I can see the sub-intrefaces but not the physicals.  I have not allocated...

cbregeripr by Beginner
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Hi,the module  WS-SVC-FWM-1 its comming up at the 6509-E chassis.i did try set up the CF to 4 but the module only shows power down, also i have tried change for cf:5 but still not working.i have setup the boot devivce, have tried reset the module and...

Hi all,i know, in a common setup of an ASA i configure the inside interface as "most-trusted" with security-level 100, the outside interface with security-level 0 and my DMZ interfaces with a security-level between 1-99. I also understood that per de...

Hi,In order to configure the Lan to Lan VPN on ASA with code 8.4 how do we configure no-nat or nat 0 so that matched packets will not undergo any natting.Following link shows the example but it is not showing the how NAT exemption is to be configured...

Hi,I'm trying to setup port mirroring on a Cisco ASA 5510, but when I try to use the switchport monitor command, that command is not recognized.I've selected what interface I want to configure (conf-if), but the switchport command seems to not be par...

rbrownejr by Beginner
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HiI have remote site in which site to site vpn is configured with hub site using 5510 model. now i am using load balancer in which 2 isp will terminateone is isfy and other is reliance . now i want if suppose ipsec-tunnel is configured primary with s...

r.kukreja by Beginner
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Hi,I have a CentOS 5.7 VSFTP server behind of a Cisco ASA 5505 (dmz network) which is doing NAT. Clients outside the firewall cannot access the server with passive ftp.   They initiate a ftp session and as soon as the ftp client issues the  pasv comm...

Hi All,When I run an ASA command via CLI menu option of the Java ASDM 6.2 for ASA V8.2 1, it does not let me interact with the console response. for example: i ran the command:- crypto key generate rsa label sslvpnkeypairand I could not reply yes or ...

edwardre1 by Beginner
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