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Hi.. I am looking to configure my FWSM as a dhcp relay agent.The Cisco doc. as below mentions that "Note There is a limit of 100 active DHCP bindings when configuring a dhcp relay using the dhcprelay enable command."Does this mean that I cannot have ...

Hello,I just created a remote access vpn on my ASA5510 "8.4(2)8". But I'm not sure the exception for the NAT is correct, it's working but it's more about the security (with the old version I used explicit exception rules).In the lan side there is a s...

Hi all :I have a command line from ASA 5505 like below :nat (inside) 0 access-list NO_NATThe problem is I cannot see any matching ID of 0 at the (outside) like :nat (outside) 0  xxxxxxxxxxxxxAnother problem is there is also no any access list with th...

Resolved! 5510 8.4 and ICMP

So I have my shiny new (used, but new to me) 5510 finally working and installed in my dev network. I need to have icmp (ping and trace route) available from the inside network. I googled and found a few articles on how to do it. I tried modifying the...

Firewall Model: ASA5540-AIP20-K9this firewall has 4GE+1FE ports. But when i ran"sh run" command in CLI mode, i did not find FE port. How can i see or view the status of the FE port and also how to operate like other ports.?

Hi,I have a pix with 6.3(5) versionand I am  trying  to open  ports 10207,10210,10214,10009,13510 to a public IP address from my LAN network. I tryied so many ways and its not working throught pix (I tried to access the same ports fro...

jibsoni by Level 1
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     We have a rather simple setup:An ASA 5510 is at our administration building. The 5510 connects to several 5505's using site to site IPSec VPN at our operations buildings, because the 5510 is connected to our Domain Controller. We recently had to...

Hi my name is IvanI'm going to working a  Firewall ASA 5520 like firewall of perimeter, it will in HA A/S and VPN SSL and moreover I would like to work the Firewall like the Switch Core in the network. If I work the ASA like Switch Core, the Firewall...

Hi ,we have AIP-SSM 10 and having lower version of 6.0(5)E2 engine.To update to the new version we had tried to copy the current config to the remote server using scp. During the process we faced the below error  AIP-IPS# copy scp://vpsadmin@192.168....

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