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Hello,Do you know if it is possible to filter TOIP flows between call server (Siemens technology) and phones ?Specialy, PIX is able to support dynamic ports opening?? Is there an ALG embeded?Is it required to upgrade PIX or not? is required a special...

I would like to know if the Console cable that comes with a Cisco 877 wireless router will work on a PIX 501 firewall? If NOT then where can one buy a PIX 501 console cable?Please respond or mail me at

Hi ,I have an asa firewall when i keep in the network it works fine but after 1 or 2 hrs we will not able to reach the firewall all the traffic will be blockedAs i checked i could find the crc errors in the inside interface then i have changed the du...

rgk013013 by Level 1
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Hi,I have a strange problem with dial in VPN's and Natting from outside to an internal server (SMTP for a Mailserver for example) when both the local network which should be accessible via the VPN and the Mailserver are on the same VLAN.We have sever...

Hi Everyone,I'm just transitioning to a new laptop. What a huge job moving all the files and apps over. I just fired up the Cisco ASDM Launcher and it works perfectly.On my old laptop the ASDM Launcher contained a history of all IP Addresses (and use...

cchubb by Level 1
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Hi,We have a setup of FWSMs configured in single mode in 6509 chassis. Both 6509 are configured in VSS.Recently I have upgraded the firmwre from 4.0(3) to 4.1(3).....before upgradation config sync was not having any problem.After upgradation...If any...

amol1976 by Level 1
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Hi,I am having FWSM and one of the context , lets say firewall1.Below are some config in that context:name   server_aname public_ipaccess-list internet-in extended permit icmp any any static (inside,internet) public_ip server_a ...

nihammimm by Level 1
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