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Resolved! Disabling nat-control on a "live" firewall

We have some old systems that use nat-control as they were upgraded from older pix releases.My main question is, if we disable nat-control, what other actions are required?For example, does the firewall needs to be restarted? or Clear all xlate and c...

pavlosd by Explorer
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Resolved! outside accessing DMZ just not working

Hi,Below is my configuration detail which from which I have been having difficulty access the DMZ (webserver)from the outside.thanksasdm image disk0:/asdm-508.binasdm location DMZasdm location I...

sending logging to syslog server

I'm being asked to send logs from an ASA5510 to a syslog server on port 40991 thats behind an interface with a security level of 50.At this point it's not working, the syslog server is and it's behind an interface named APP with a secu...

w951duu by Beginner
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Unidirectional / Variable NAT on ASA

Hi, we have a Checkpoint Firewall we are migrating to an ASA.One type of access we have, is for groups of users on the "outside"interface, connecting to Servers on the "Inside" interface.These Servers' addresses are NATted, in a way that the users wi...

walterg74 by Beginner
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ASA traffic

I'm running into a issue with traffic. I have a backup location with internet and connected via MPLS.  I need traffic to route to the main location. Do I only add default route to the asa to point to the main ASA network?Or do I add a static nat to t...

Resolved! 5505 ACL overkill?

Simple question.  Do you think it's overkill to secure a single system down beyond the basic outside_access_in ACLs? The situation is one box with ssh, https, and dameware. The 8.3 ACL configuration:access-list INTERNET_access_in remark HTTPS Ruleacc...

FTP Problem in ASA (Urgent)

I have firewall ASA with 8.0(4) version. Everything is working fine but recently we started one proejct which involves upload the files on FTP server located on outside the network over the internet.Other FTP services are working fine but this FTP se...

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