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Hello. I need some help. I just setup a cisco firepower and setup vlans on there. I created the same vlans on the switch, but I cant get vlans to reach out to the internet. The native vlan 1 can, but not any of the others. 

isoto by Level 1
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I am using asdm-openjre-7141-48.bin in Cisco 5508.icedtea-web-1.7.1-1.el7.x86_64 and java-1.8.0-openjdk- are installed on my CentOS 7 After execution of "javaws" the login screen ap...

etayfur by Level 1
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Hello we are running 4 ftd instance on 2 firepower 4145 in HA pair. One ftd is shown on fmc as disabled (it happened after an emergency maintenece windows whre the devices were powered of and powered on again. Now we are tring to fix the issue but un...

guidov2 by Level 1
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Hello,,i have issue with my environment with standby IP address,,MY LAB as Follow :1- Two FTD 2110 works on the HA group successfully, 2- Enable Standby IP address on all interfaces the issue when switching over the node is the standby IP will work i...

Hello. I am trying to make an SSL VPN configuration in a firepower with the trial license, however it tells me that it is not possible due to licensing issues. Is it possible to request a full trial license for 30 days to be able to carry out these t...