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Hi,I am using an ASA5510 and I would like integrate the CSC SSM module in it. What is the Process to upgrade, is it possible and Where I can find it ?Thank You.

avburren1 by Level 1
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Hi Friends,we have our SMTP server in DMZ behind the PIX firewall. this SMTP server uses ESMTP feature. with this default fixup protocol smtp 25 command enabled some of mails are not getting delivered.if I turn off the mailguard feature on firewall w...

When looking at my top 10 acl entries on the ASDM of my ASA I notice the first two lines in image below are confusing,they do not actually correspond to any ACL i have in the rules, and its not even associated with a interface.Has anyone seen this be...

Hi Can someone help me to determine does my Net Flow config is correct or not? What should I do on Profiler web konsole to now that the NetFlow is working. This is config on router:router (config)#ip flow-export version 5     router (config)#ip flow...

Hi I'm neewbe in cisco asa configuration.we are running with a Dlink Netdefend Firewall and because of planning to install a oracle database we intend to migrate to cisco asa 5505 appliance.Our configuration is very simple but the oracle daabase is n...

Resolved! permit esp any any

How can I make the following more secure?:access-list from_outside permit esp any any We have currently have it on our firewall and I know it's not the most secure.  But I want to make sure our tunnels still work.Thank you,Thomas

Resolved! NAC Implementation

I have configuired nac but login page when i am entering user name password then password field becom empty and nothing happendinterface GigabitEthernet1/0/18 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 998 switchport trunk allo...

k_vikrams by Level 1
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Hi,I need to know if the following configuration is doable with the asa ?I have twp isp and each isp allocate a range of public IP. I have a database interface and a dmz and inside interface.What i need to do is to make all my databases and my server...

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