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Does 8.3.2 recognize and work in VRF-lite environments?  We're desiging a PCI network segmentation strategy where we use VRF-lite point-to-point (non-mpls) in to segment out PCI traffic from normal traffic. The ASA firewall is the device that sits be...

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Hello Dears,I m able to get IP address and domain name from ASA firewall group policy configs through Windows VPN Client  after connecting i m not able to do anything in my corporate network when i do remote desktop to my server i m not able to conne...

Hello Security Expert Team,I am using the Cisco ASA 5510/ver 8.2(1) and I am doing some the basic deep inspection for FTP traffic config:begin:!regex REG_C26XX "^c26.*"regex REG_C28XX "^c28.*"!class-map FTP match port tcp eq ftp!class-map type regex ...

Hi everybody,We've recently adquired an ASA 5505 with a base license, but we realised that we needed trunking and we upgradeded to Secury Plus (ASA5510-SEC-BUN-K9) by adquiring a ASA5505-SEC-PL. Now we have trunking but other trouble has appeared.Con...

Hello,Has anyone got v8.3 up and running on a 5500 ASA ?My old nat commands are no longer supported and I'm not certain of the best format for the new ones.I've studied the migration guide but just want to confirm my thoughts.My nat commands are belo...

Hi all,i want anything help me to get the configuration file from pix515 to put it on cisco asa5540pix version is 3.1 , ASA version 8.0when i copied it manually it didn't work , i don't know why??Best Regards,Ayman

hi all, This first time i touch nac appliance so i need guide from you all.1- DB error Profiler using version factory default version ..2- Try access using GUI https://ip_profiler and appear DB error .4- Profiler  license for HA .5- this DB...

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