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Hi all,My ssh on my cisco asa 5510 fail to work.I have enabled the following but my ssh client fail to connect to the firewall from my office network(connected to firewall inside interface).aaa authentication ssh console LOCALssh i...

donnie by Beginner
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I could not find any document regarding ASA 5510 backplane?Most of the Cisco gurus are not able to get this simple answer or documenation for me .Is ASA 5510 backplane a Gig or not?Thanks,-NG

gnaveen by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Hi,We are using asa5520 with 8.2 version,By mistaklley we have enterd command as ' configure factory default' command in global config got erased and after rebooting, it's not boting. asn also showing 'invalid key: 0032' on termminal windowPl...

Hi,I have problem with a connection to ASA 5510 through SSH.SSH works when the ASA is reload and works for some time and then the connection on terminal is blocked (TeraTerm).The connection to ASA works by telnet and ASDM.Below parts of configuration...

wkamil123 by Beginner
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Hi AllI have to suggest a security solution to one of my customer who is having 40 branches within city connected thru RF Customer is looking a solution whenever any branch employee login on the site they receive a password on mobile phone or if not ...

Dear all NetPro gurus,I have a WAN scenario with the following scenario:-Site A ( ----- WAN ----- Site B ( is what happens:-At the beginning of day, doesn't matter what the user did at Site B (, he can't p...

huntlee by Beginner
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Hi,I  have  a  problem  with  a  FWSM,  Version 3.1,  when  I  try to  execute  the  command: FWSM(config)# resource acl-partition 3% Unrecognized commandor  when  I  type:FWSM(config)# resour?% Unrecognized commandfor  resize  memory  partitions.---...

Hi,i understand that ASA 5520 is coming with default 512MB memory on it. is there an option to upgrdae the memory?, if it can, waht is the maximum memory i can get and what is the part number for it ?thanks,

aviyoshi10 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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We would like to be able to generate a trap or some how determine if/when our IPS-4260 sensor goes into bypass mode. In addition, we'd like to be able to monitor the CPU, memory, and interface status.. It would appear the 4260 has limited monitoring ...

bellg by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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