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PIX Static NAT

HI,currently In our network we done NAT on the Cisco router wereip nat inside source static XXX.90.XXX.1Acl is allowing range of ports ---- 80, 1021 to 1281 from Outside to insideip nat inside source static tcp 5500 XXX.90.XXX...

RA VPN assistance

Hi alli have L2L Vpn between an ASA 5510 and a PX515 running fine.I also have a RA VPN running on the ASA5510What i would like to do is: have ppl dial in to the ASA and get an IP from the VPN Pool and then access web services sitting...

SOL10 by Beginner
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Resolved! IP Sec Tunnel Issue

Hello Experts,We have Cisco ASA 5505 (OS version 8.2.1) using for Production Site and working fine w/o any problem. One of the Services Server on which the private IP is configured and natted with public IP address configured ...

ray_stone by Beginner
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Track and ip sla with a ASA

I am familiar with the Track command to watch an IP SLA setup for routing and fail overs. The other day i noticed someones ASA confiugred with a Track command and it looked like it was used for the routing and fail-over stuff.Can someone give me some...

Cisco ASA - IPS Module Error

Hi all,I'm currently managing a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall running ver 8.2(1) with an IPS ASA-SSM-10 running Cisco IPS Version 6.2(1)E3. Since last month however, we have been getting this unusual errors reported by the IPS module:IPS software attempted...

ASA VPN L2L session names no longer works.

Since upgrading ASAs from v7.24 to v8.21, the ASDM VPN L2L sessions no longer displays the names of the tunnel-group peers as defined by the name command. Works fine in v7.24. I found this a really useful feature to identify remote peers by name rath...

russ by Beginner
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Reg. ASA-AIP-SSM with failover query

Hi allI have a query regarding Cisco ASA Firewalls in failover mode . I want to insert two new AIP-SSM-20 cards inside that .Earlier there was no AIP-SSM modules inserted and the ASA was running smoothly in failover . Now when i will introduce the AI...

ankurs2008 by Beginner
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True OOB management on ASA

Hello,I was just curious if anyone heard any Cisco's plans to implement a true OOB management interface on ASAs, so this interface does not use the global routing table (has some kind of a default GW for itself or maybe a policy based routing stateme...

dmitry by Beginner
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