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Resolved! QoS on ASA

Hi, I would like do use Priority Queuing for voice on the OUTSIDE interface. As far as I know the QOS meganism only kicks in when there is congestion on the interface. But my ASA 5505 is connected to a 80mbps down and 10 mbps up cable modem. How can ...

Hello,Has anyone had success implementing rate-limiting on the FWSM that does not impact firewall performance? I have heard that I can implement policing on the 6500, but policing does not support pps, it only supports bps, which does not help with a...

lxcollin1 by Beginner
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Hi all trust you are well.I'm a little confused over my configuration here and why it does not work and wondered if you can help me out.I have two servers that sit behind pix which I can not connect to, the services that are running are SSH, Web and ...

martynch1 by Beginner
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When ever we try to add sensor to IME version we get this error;"Error response from IME server:-IOException: Read timed out. IME IME server is not responding. Please check if it is running."Check the Services; Cisco IPS Manager Express & MySQL-IME a...

Over the past couple of days I have read numerous articles and threads on QoS for the ASA 5510.  Here is my scenario that I am looking for information about.  My management will not allow me to block certain websites such as facebook, youtube, myspac...

Hello there,I'm using Internal CA (Microsoft Win 2003 CA) to provide SSL certificates to NAC. The problem is that, end users are still getting warnings on login to the network the same way as when i was using the Perfigo Certificate. I've tried to in...

We are in the process of upgrading our ISPconnection from 100Mb to 300Mb.We currently utilize ethernet0 with a nameif of "outside"When we upgrade, we will be utilizing gb-ethernet0 with a nameif of "intf2".As this upgrade will be a "hot cut", can I s...

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