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I've setup NAT hairpin for inside hosts to use the public IP of the inside webserver as follows:inside client: NAT's to 24.x.x.xI used these commands:same-security-traffic permit intra-interfacestatic (inside,inside...

when designing DMZ we usually put a dedicated L2 switch for connectivity between firewall interfaces and public servers...and we create vlans in this switch according to DMZ..what risk can be found if i create these L2 vlans in our collapsed distribu...

ohassairi by Level 5
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Resolved! Reg. routing issue

Hi halijenn / pkampana / allI have an issue where there are overlapping networks at inside and outside of ASA hence is it possible in the ASA that i can segregate the traffic by means of routing or NATTING ?( Router (at WAN Branch) -----...

Hi,we have bought the CSC modules few years back and now the licence has been expired few months back. we used the CSC for only a month when we bought just to test these and after that they are left without doing anything and expires. Now we would li...

I wanted to download the CNA from the Cisco website until I ran into a few licensing agreements.Am I allowed to download the software for free? It mentioned Cisco might charge me for using the software?I do not own any equipment however I am in the C...

Hello all,I have a VPN with a vendor, but he's using the same inside networks that I am, and he apparently can't NAT on his side so I'm trying to setup dynamic NAT for his incoming and outgoing traffic on the tunnel.This is the config I've come up wi...

jspradli by Level 1
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                  Hello All,                              I am trying to create a access-list that allows traffic from a source ip to a global destination Natted address on my firewall. The problem is the sending company does not know what port they ...

Hi AllI Wondering if any ones has complete block traffic with encrypted Torrents.When torrents is not encrypted NBAR is recognizes torrents traffic and is easy to block them , in other way when the client torrent (like utorrent) is enabled the encryp...

tsoukalis by Level 1
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I have been looking at spke to spoke comms or "hairpining" for months and have posted on numerouse forums but to no avail.I have a Hub and spoke network where the HUB is an ASA Firewall version 8.2I basicaly want to allow 2 spokes to be able to commu...

VRAI by Level 1
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