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Hi there guys.I have a NM-CIDS module, and after to made a password recovery proccess (for 4.1 version) we can not login to the IPS.It seems like the image is not in the flash.After the router goes up, this is the status f the NM:Router#service-modul...

hi all,i have upgraded my ASA 5540 to ver 8.2.2 and the new asdm 6.5.2and i see a new tab called dropped packets can i see which machines are alerting?currently have 127 ACL dropped packets inspection dropped 0.also the possible scan and syn...

alicato43 by Level 1
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Hi,How can I allow only specific websites and block rest of internet in Cisco ASA firewall.Sine it is very small network, I am not preferring to implement URL filtering server (Web sense) along with ASA.Thanks in advance

k_vadivel by Level 1
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Dear Sir/MadamWe have  cisoc sensro 4255 the OS version 2.4.30-IDS-smp-bigphys and virus update is Virus Update V1.4 .Please lt me know is there any upgrade avliable for the OS version and also the Virus version .Secondly the Cisco Intrusion Preventi...

Hello,I'm trying to get a NAC Guest server associated with an LDAP Server.I was able to get the NAC Manager working with the same parameters, but the Guest isn't working tough.My question is...where can I find useful logs about LDAP authentication wi...

Dennis Leon by Cisco Employee
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Hi,Need to know the difference between, Source NAT and Destination NAT... My understanding is the Source NAT is No-NAT and destination NAT is the actual NAT.Also, there are two type of natting, one method is to map a group of IP addresses coming on i...

Hi,I have a IPS 4240 with software version 6.2(1)E3 running. Lately I've been having problems with low performance on this equipment due to high cpu utilization going to 100%. I need some troubleshooting tips or commands I can use to determine what i...

I have a security incident were someone is using putty to get around our internet filter.  What they are doing is tunneling through on port 8080 and 443 to an outside server that acts as a proxy.  I can't block port 8080 or 443 for this group of user...

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