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Hi there,I know this question was asked before by someone else and is still un-answered. Has anyone done NAC Load Balancing? Any link on the best practice? I am doing OOB-L3-Real IP.Let me clarify the question.The highest end NAS (3350) can support o...

rdianat by Beginner
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Hello,Scratching my head with this problem.Email notifications are not getting generated from the inside network. Quick Topology:Inside -> FWSM -> 6500 (NAT) -> 2nd Level ASA -> 1st Level ASA (PAT)The SMTP access is allowed throughout. I can see Buil...

tech_trac by Beginner
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Hello,We have very huge number of TCP connections we can see at PIX 525 firewall to Anti-Spam mail gateway. Here is sample of show connection to Anti-Spam IP X.X.X.X; by the way the attacker is using many src IP addresses:============================...

a.hajhamad by Enthusiast
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Hello Champs,I am using PIX-506E version 6.3(5)In order to do a scheduled config download, my script is hard coded to loginwith a user name and password and execute the show running command. However, since i have enable password configured, I am unab...

Our client has an existing network where all the server farms are behind the firewall. Everything are working fine. Now the client decided to put IDSM-2 the problem is the documentation from Cisco site is not that much helpful. I am confused on what ...

Hi,I've been experiencing problem with my standby pix. My outside interface becomes unavailabl after 4 hours (arp cache. I have to clear my arp table for me to access it again. My pix is connected to a switch. 2 routers with HSRP config and the prima...

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