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Hi,we receive certificate for CAS and CAM from CA allready trusted by users PCs. But when NAC agent is trying to authenticate receives error that certificate which was sent by CAS is not one for name of location i try to go.The security certificate p...

Hello,I have a Cisco ASA 5510 configured and running properly. I want to use another ISP, but this 2nd ISP will be use only for L2L IPSEC VPN traffic. My question: Is it possible to have 2 ISP active at thesame time but the 2nd ISP will service the L...

Hi Guys,I am so confused about NAT on the firewall. I know NAT is used when inside host has to talk to outside host but:Is NAT required when inside host has to talk to any other host in other DMZ ? I know you need an access list but do you need nat.I...

Hello, In the Content Security tab of ASDM, under Monitoring it has a feature to view the Resource Graphs. But this shows the real time value. Is there historical reporting for CPU and Memory usage for CSC-SSM such a weekly, monthly etc. If not then ...

tech_trac by Level 1
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Management wants to keep a permanent record of the xlate table so they can track down inside (private) IP addresses when we are sent DMCA violation letters.Eventually, we will have converted about 1500 inside hosts to private address space.Has anyone...

wsanders1 by Level 1
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Customer has barracuda inside the ASA firewall. Issue is with vpn clients. They come into the same ASA w/o split tunnel but permit same interface traffic enabled. Keep arguing with the vendor about filtering the vpn traffic to the internet. I say it ...

whanson by Level 2
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Hello,We have a ASA 5520 running version 8.x that currently has 512MB of DRAM.I would like to upgrade the DRAM to 1GBQuestions:1. How many slots DRAM slots does the 5520 have?2. I found this part: looks t...

Pete89 by Level 2
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