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Hi,I have Pix with some vpn clients configured, it is working fine, but the crypto list permissions has total IP access, I need to implement permissions only to my Server with a specific port, but, if I do that, I lost the vpn clients access.Please,...

mcelec by Beginner
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ASA5200 firewall had been deployed and live. The configuration is done via ASDm and also CLI. Now CSM is deployed to the network, and discovery of the firewall is work and able to pull all the existing config fom firewall. Previously let say I had ac...

tckoon by Beginner
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I have a streaming server setup with a private IP behind an ASA 5540. I've given the server a static public NAT address. Using ACL I've allowed in port 554. When trying to remotely stream from the remote client to the NAT'd server, the server gets...

Is there any way (aditional software maybe) to get the BIOS version from the pix without restarting it? I need the BIOS version but cannot restart the PIX because of the environment being HC. Thanks for any help.KC

Hi,when i am trying to add new device, am getting the bellow error....kindly provide me informationIOExpection when try tog get certificate; untrusted server cert chain Check if the sensor time and IEV host time are set correctly

sureshkum by Beginner
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Resolved! PIX 506 v6.2(2)

Recently replaced a 1700 series router from Bell with an 1800 series router from AT&T, bother managed by them. Periodically my attached PIX needs to be reloaded (i.e. rebooted) to enable new computers on the network, with any OS (2000 to Vista) to ha...

denney238 by Beginner
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Hi,i have an asa 5505 setup as a default router for my network inside address I want to route traffic for to a diffrent inside host included traffice from to in my nat exempt li...

be04376 by Beginner
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Hi All,Is there such a thing as redirecting certain ports (for example, port 80) from ASA to a certain IP address that is a proxy server? What I am trying to do is to implement a transparent proxy server in our internal network. The flow is in a such...

ewong0088 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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I have two FWSM's, one each in redundantly connected 6500's. The FWSM's are in multi-context routed mode, and active/active failover.I have 3 contexts, Admin, students, labs. Each context shares interface vlan925 as the connection to the core for r...

Hello,I'm using Cisco Pix 515E, 8.0(3).I have two networks - inside and dmz. Inside has sec. level 100, dmz 50. To communicate hosts from inside to dmz I made static (inside,dmz) netmask tcp 0 10.I think that Pix dur...

valsidalv by Beginner
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