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Hey i have a switch, some ap’s with controllers and a ASA 5550 but no router. my questions are: 1. Can I use the ASA instead of a router or do I need a router? I’m planning on configuring vlans so I need something where I can configure router in a st...

Hello Team, I am working on a spreadsheet that lists the current firmware running on our devices, including the date it was installed. Is there a way to find the date of firmware installation on the Cisco FPR2140-ASA-K9 ?I used the sh version command...


Hi GuysI am looking to set up saml for my remote access vpn. I have done this on some ASA 5545 that we have but I have come to do it on an ASAv running version 9.12 and the method on the gui does not have the option for SAML.Any ideas why this is ? d...

Dear Cisco IDS/IPS Experts,I have two questions:1. Can the Firepower IDS/IPS detect Layer-2 attack based on EtherType and MAC address anomalies?2. Based on my experience 4-5 years ago, no IDS/IPS can detect Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). The anoma...

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