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Hi,I am using a Pix 525 (version 7.04). I have several questions about the TCP SYNC.1) What is the default behaviour for TCP-SYNC-CHECK on Pix? 2) Does Pix have the option to disable TCP-SYNC-CHECK?3) Does Pix send TCP_RST/FIN to both server and host...

sam.leeth by Level 1
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Dear all,i have this problem wiht fwsm, currently we have a data channel between the fwsm and msfc, the svi does not appear in the router routing table as connected, you can not ping the svi from the router side, while the fwsm can ping its interface...

skherisat by Level 1
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I have read through the documents on Identity NAT but few things are not clear to me. Consider the following network setup and the requirement. PC1 ----[Inside]-PIX--[Dmz]---PC2PC1 - - - --

padramas by Cisco Employee
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Hi, friends,Does anyone know if RPS 2300 system supports ASA 5520 with DC power supplies? I need to deploy a firewall solution with redundant power supplies. As ASA simply doesn't have an option like that, I was wondering I could use DC versions of...

Friends, I have PIX 525 and want to divide inside interface into 3 sabinterfaces (VLANs)... Is it possable to filter internet traffic (sach as: http, xxx, traffic shapping, TCP connections, FTP and etc ....) through the PIX >>> and if it possable how...

Dear All,I am getting the below message on FWSM console when try to create the vlan interface.Should i do anything on switch consoleFWSM(config)# inter vlan 30FWSM(config-if)# nameif outsideWARNING: VLAN *30* is not configured.INFO: Security level fo...