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Hello!  I have a client with an ASA 5506 and next week they have an employee taking their IP phone home to setup working from home. As far as I know right now, till we get more info on the home network, it's DHCP for the public IP, not static.  I nee...

cknowlton by Level 1
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Hi to the best community of internet Community, please allow me to ask this combo question I would like to know the answer: 1.) An ASA device without Firepower Services can be managed through the FMC? 2.) A Firepower chassis with ASA image can be man...

Hannibal by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Hi guys,I would like to copy ACLs from ASA on HQ to ASA on Dr-site. Is there any automated way of doing this? For future if I add new ACL to HQ it should be copied to DR. Any script automation or replication option?

I am presently managing our new Firepower 2130 using the on box FDM software. I want to use FMC virtual. Have purchased two licenses (Firepower MCv) from our Cisco vender and the licenses do appear on my Smart Licensing inventory. Need the software t...

Hi there, As a first-time user of FTDv, I have concerns about adding a new interface to my new device. I have added the PLR license to this device. Could you please tell me if I need to disable the current license to add a new interface and if so, wi...

san ju. by Level 1
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I am trying to organize our FMC firewall rules and need a logical way to group them together. I have explored the usage of Categories but it seems I would be creating over 100 "Groups" to clean up the layout of the rules. Is there another option that...

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