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I have a client who has a PIX 501 in his office. He has a server at a co-location facility, which also has a PIX. When the client wants to access his server, he creates a Cisco client VPN connection (not a PIX to PIX VPN). However, once the VPN is...

TXLombardi by Level 1
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Is it possible to NAT the destination address through a ASA 5510? I am coming from two different NIC's on the same PC that have different IP's that go through different interfaces on the firewall, but go to the same destination address. I want to c...

ericluoma by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi,This is the scenario:I am running Cisco 6006 with MSFC module that is connected directly to my inside net. All the traffics are sent to inside interface Pix firewall (515E). Than firewall performs NAT/PAT to riche the outside world. I would establ...

sfanayei by Level 1
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Does anyone know of any such 'script' or processing tool which will process a Cisco pix access list and convert it into Excel format?I currently use Voyence to capture pix configs / access lists however a lot of auditors like to see access-lists in '...

I created an ACL to allow only port 80 on my workstations. But most of the time, i can not able to access some websites. What port/s that needs to be allowed. I know that the internet is using a dynamic ports. can someone advise me or give some recom...

Ooops, made a bit of a mess of this. I didn't do this on site (the datacenter is too far away) - now I have a very early start b4 clients connect unless I can fix this on the PIX over SSH (which I can connect to)!I've had a few issues with VLANs behi...

dcooke by Level 1
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