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I got a PIX because I though it was wicked fast (501 on aDSL line). CCO says a 501 can handle 6Mbps of traffic. That's like 4 T1s, eh? Now, it looks like I have sucked up about 70% of my RAM somehow.Do ACLs suck up RAM?Does Bandwidth suck up CPU or ...

I got a PIX 501 because I though it was wicked fast. Now, it looks like I have sucked up about 70% of my RAM somehow. # sh mem Free memory: 5355944 bytes Used memory: 11421272 bytes ------------- ---------------- Total memory: 16777216 bytesHERE IS M...

Resolved! Pix access lists

I am faced with converting the conduit statements on our PIX 520 to access-lists. Is there a preferred way to do this will as little interuption to traffic as possible? For example, do I create the access-lists, then remove the conduit, or the oppo...

hinesd by Beginner
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Hi all,our customer A is complaining their access is slow via frame-relay, our check-up on the router found increasing number of DE packet(in)...1)how does this affect our customer A access performance 2)what should we do to overcome this..look at th...

rabdul by Beginner
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we're using pix 501 and we have 5 vpn tunnels between offices. We have license for 50 internal ip's. Although we didn't reach the max.number of ip's, there were some people in the office that could not be connect to internet but they can connect to i...

haimb by Beginner
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Hi,I want the PIX to synchronize with two Windows 2000 domain controllers. The synchronization works but the PIX does not synch its own clock with the time it gets from the server.See output from the "show ntp association detail":x.x.x.x configured, ...

Greetings, I dropped my pix on the floor. The Ethernet 1 interface is damaged. The link light no longer comes on. Could anyone recommend a place that does board level repair?

Hi, my name is Maximiliano.I have a Cisco PIX515eUR IOS 6.3.Is there any way to configure the outside interface of the Pix to use differents subnets and differents routes from each ISP and then NAT one IP from each subnet to the same server into the ...

maxi_80 by Beginner
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