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 I have a MGMT Vlan ID question. (simple design question) We have merged companies and are replacing network equipment. As we do so, we are wanting to make the merged company into a more structured IP plan for local IP's per city. We have 8 cities. (...

Digging around trying to find out how to setup DHCP reservations I found that the ASA 8.x was unable to do it but saw reference that ASA 9 was supposed to have this feature. Looking thru 9 and asdm 7 I'm not seeing how to.I know it just came out but ...

swagoner1 by Beginner
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What it is: The Cisco CLI Analyzer (formerly ASA CLI Analyzer) is a smart SSH client with internal TAC tools and knowledge integrated. It is designed to help troubleshoot and check the overall health of your Cisco supported software. In addition to A...

John Bollier by Cisco Employee
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Hello Everyone,I am working on establishing a L2L VPN tunnel group between my Region and Field Office ASA's. I cannot get them to form a tunnel. I attached the debug crypto logs from the Region and Field Office as well as their FWL logs. I have check...

TW80CJ5 by Participant
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Hello, Is there anyway i can get email updates or a webpage where i can check regularly whenever there are new ips/snort rule updates or vdb release for cisco fmc/ftd. For some reason we cant use auto update in the environment but i would like to be ...

NeWGuy1109 by Beginner
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Hi,I've tried so many times to remove this proxy virus from my computer. But failed. Our whole network is infected with this virus. is it possible that I can block this via firewall level because antivirus is unable to remove it completely? This viru...

Hello Guys @Rob Ingram  @balaji.bandi   @Richard Burts  @Marvin Rhoads  @Mohammed al Baqari  @Rahul Govindan  I want to know the Physical Topology and want to find the directly connected devices with the ports, CDP and lldp is not supported on Cisco ...

Hi, ASA 9.8 run dhcp server on the internal sub-interface, the client PC very difficult to get the IP address. the configuration is like below: interface G0/1.10 -- nameif Staff-wifi interface G0/1.20 -- nameif guest-wifithen the interface G0/1 ---->...

Herman2018 by Beginner
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