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Hi all   I  am trying to confirm the maximum OSPF routing table size for the below firewalls. Any ideas where I can find the info ?   All in multiple context mode   FPR9K-SM-36 – asa ver 9.8(1) 5585x – SSP40 - asa ver 9.8(4)25 FPR4K-SM-12 - asa ver 9...

rocant by Cisco Employee
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Hello Everyone... We are running ASA 5545X  with 9.14 / 7.14. Under Configuration>Site-to-Site VPN>Advanced>Tunnel Groups We are getting a strange name of a Tunnel Group : ""Nowhere in our configuration does it call out for it and it appears t...

TW80CJ5 by Participant
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Hello, We have around 150 Cisco ASA 5505 deployed in the field and we are currently in the process of upgrading our infrastructure. Currently, we have an RSA key used for authentication purposes on the ASA. Does Cisco ASA 5505 support using ecdsa key...

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 12.44.23.png
jigargajra by Beginner
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I wish to have your opinion on the configuration of my ASA cluster.because I am doing a failover, I have servers from the server which can no longer reach the internet and also the servers from the DMZ lan.At the ASA confi...

Mc Nina by Beginner
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Environment:ASA 5520 (1 trunk with 7 sub-interaces) & Cisco 2960X (1 trunk port with 8 vlans) Problem: Switch can not reach Firewall ASA firewall can ping all its sub-interfaces and its trunk port but not the switch trunk port.2960 switch can ping al...

dsingh000 by Beginner
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Could anyone please help as while enabling the PBR on Cisco ASA, not getting the trace result from other direction.I have set all the parameters like "set connection decrement-ttl" and allowed IP any any for testing on Firewall.Below is the Topology:...

I have several ASA5505 deployed with no issues going back over the years, but due to not having Gigabit ports, it was time to upgrade. I have my first FPR1010 here and have basic connectivity - However, I find that the built in FDM doesn't support PP...

dataIP by Beginner
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