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Hello,I have installed 3 cisco asa 5525-x. One of these has the alarm led on. I take a look in the troubleshooting guide and I found to run show environment and show controller pci. Everything seems ok with this command.The firewall is working but I ...

Hello, I am looking to understand where the filters ($(10.x.x.x) are created when filtering in the FMC unified events viewer similar to below. Some networks are there and some are not. In particular, I would like to filter on a subnet in general to v...


Hi all, I am using FMC 7.2 to manage ftd2130, ASA555 and ASA5525. How can I generate report for all traffic that has been inspected by my IPS policy on ASA555 and ASA5525 Thank you guys 

HejI was wondering if there is a way to move a line in ACL to another line without removing it first? For example move line 3 to line 2 without deleting it first?fw01-tgl-cph(config)# show access-list TESTaccess-list TEST; 2 elements; name hash: 0xd3...

I have setup NAT and firewall on my C1111-8w8p router and I believe it is correct. Let me know if you see any other problems here. I am still learning. But now I need to block access to the router. Port scan of public ip shows 22, 80, 443, and 1720 o...

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Dear guys,#inter fast 0/2#switchport mode access#switchport port-security violation shutdown#switchport port-security maximum 1#switchport port-security mac-address sticky#swtichport port-security aging type absolute#switchport port-security aging ti...

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Resolved! Port Security

Hi i have been studying about port security how do they set Port Security in an ISP how can they handle all the MAC-Flooding attack it would be really helpful if you put your resources or any books that can help evolve my knowledgebest regards. 

Hello, would anyone be able to explain me how to configure NAT for multiple internal subnets on a 5505 firewall?I have 6 subnets, .10.0, .20.0, .30.0, .40.0 and .50.0. It's configured like this for all 6 subnets, but the address translati...

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