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I have been writing some scripts for FXOS installation.  I have them done, but can't figure out a character if one exists that tells the OS to ignore the rest of the line (comment lines).  In ASA or IOS it is the "!" and in Linux it is the "#".  Or m...

Hi,  I have tried to find information about licensing on new N520 with no success.Could someone clarify which ports are enabled by default and what is the difference between Metro Access and IP Access tech packages? Thanks in advance

Sergey by Beginner
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I have an OpenVPN server in my Servers-LAN with UDP port 1194 openedI only have 1 public IPI want external client to connect to this OpenVPN server. I configured ACL to allow udp port 1194 in outside interface. And configured NAT in object network. B...

Hi, Do you have any idea on how to make files visible on FTP server when accessing from outside? FTP does not display files when I access it using the public IP. But when accessing it locally the files are listed. I already created access rules enabl...

I have a 5525-X Running in production and I have a couple clarification questions:1.) Quad Core: Only ever see a single core with load2.) Memory: Shows 8GB but only shows 4GB (I can only assume that 4GB is used as system member and the other half ram...

TechDude by Beginner
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Hello, I am wanting to set an access rule in my default policy that blocks traffic from certain geolocations. If I block traffic sourced by these geolocations to "any" will it drop web traffic initiated by my internal users? I know that returning tra...

N3t-Guy by Beginner
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We recently upgraded our production 2.0 instance to 2.7 and are in the middle of getting a Security EA license which will encompass our ISE solution and were advised to hold off until it is completed.  Problem is, our license dates are set for the en...

icetea by Beginner
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Hello,We have a Cisco Firewall ASA 5516. We also have a 1GB up/down internet circuit. Behind the firewall we do not receive asymmetrical speeds. We receive Approx 900 down and 50 up. In front of the firewall we receive 900up/900down consistently. We ...

jyingling by Beginner
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