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Hello,I have multiple group policies for AnyConnect and on some of the I would like my users not to be able to choose a connection profile, much like the same way this is accomplished with the group-lock attribute in ESA.Unfortunately, I cannot see s...

nickliako by Level 1
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Hello,We utilize FMC running 7.2.5 to manage, among others, a pair of FTD 2110s running 7.2.5 in active/standby mode. In the process of moving to 7.2.5 we also upgraded from SNORT 2 to SNORT 3.We have been getting reports, and have been able to repro...

MarcusJ by Level 1
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Hi,    I have configured flexible netflow on cisco 4351.  I want to sync it with Solarwinds using port 2055. its generating stats, but some how all the netflow information is not passing through Cisco ASA as it is not syncing with Solarwinds (showing...

Hi All,I configured rest-api and cisco asa but when I try to connect through the hhps://cisco-asa-ip:443/api it requires user/pass, so already created a local user but when I try to log in it is complaining from "Authorization Required" The below con...

Omar Badr by Level 1
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ASA experts, I'm building a site-to-site vpn between two vm ASA devices and I have a question about how to specific DH5 on the first tunnel (Tu100) and DH24 for second tunnel (Tu200) ??Where in the configuration I can specify the crypto ikev1 policy ...

Hi!  I'm setup a conection to isp on my cisco asa-5525   ciscoasa(config)# show running-config int gi0/1 ! interface GigabitEthernet0/1 security-level 0 pppoe client vpdn group TENET-PPPoE ip address pppoe ciscoasa(config)# show running-config v...

rterentev by Level 1
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Here is the situation:                                             (IPv6-LAN) *   (IPv4-LAN)                                                               *                                                               *                              ...

Hi, I activated 801.1X on the 2960 Catalist switch but the hosts are unable to authenticate on the switch. I get logs regarding the authentication failure. can anyone help me? Thank you.

Hi All, Am using ASA firewall to connect to BT broadband using PPPoE. It works fine now, I want to use the BT home hub as AP. I done the below steps but it looks like am still missing something. * Disabled DHCP server in BT home hub. * Enabled DHCP s...

Psmurali89 by Spotlight
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