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I am planning an upgrade to an SM-48 from an SM-44 security module, running FTD 7.0.5. Reading through the documentation, it is not clear if FXOS on the chassis will save the Logical Device configs attached to the current security module slot (slot 2...

md9 by Beginner
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I am doing online cybersecurity course how to resolve these errors  when executing simple command in labvm cisco@labvm:~/Downloads/lynis$ sudo ./lynis update info./lynis: 236: SafeFile: not found./lynis: 661: : Permission denied./lynis: 662: Fatal er...

Hi Team,What is the best way to allow access to O365 via FTD? Can i use the applications such as office 365 and allow ANY ports will allow access to Office 365 apps? Is it any Security risk? Or any other best way other than this?Regards,Sanjay S

ssan239 by Beginner
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Hi All, I have a situation where the Secondary Standby Firewall in a high availability pair has the wrong hostname and need to be renamed, is it as easy as the FMC GUI is trying to show me below, or is there any other caveat I should be aware of.  Th...


Hello, I would like to clear the most used statistic in the output of show conn count on my FPW4110 running an ASA 9.14(4) 17example Output of show conn count1234 in use, 991234 most usedI would like to reset the most used figure if this was an older...

DanBB by Beginner
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I am unable to get into the FMC via web even after setting the password using the following instructions:Reset a Lost Web Interface Admin Password for Firepower Management CentersUse these instructions to change the password for the admin account use...

Knassi by Beginner
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Hi Team,  I am stuck during creating the U-turn NAT in the firewall via FMC, the same NAT statement working in the FDM but in FMC it's creating issue:Requirement:> Traffic coming from outside, hit the WAN IP and then that traffic move towards to AWS....

adity by Beginner
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Hello ,My remote VPN is having issues, there are disconnects to rdp sessions. Yet the vpn client is still connected.At times the remote resources via the vpn freeze for a sec then goes back to normal, and the behaviour repeats.What could be causing t...

fmugambi by Spotlight
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Hi, after removing from FMC and connecting it back I get this error showing in FMC. Any help how to fix it without reimage? thank you 1 Major EventsCode - F1325; Occurrence - 1; Time - 2023-07-10T21.23.34.799; Description - Device 1 Boot Status. upgr...

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