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Resolved! Cable modem management behind ASA 5505

Hi,As you are aware, most cable modem's have a web management interface available on have a Cisco ASA 5505 and I was wondering what NAT/ACL/Routes I would need to add in order to reach that IP.Here's my config:hostname asadomain-name ...

FTP permitted by default

I have a server on my DMZ that runs a service on FTP. I do not have an access-list permitting traffic from outside to the DMZ on ftp.FTP is not inspected on the global policy  But the FTP service is accessible from the outside network. Is there any r...

Gbgreat by Beginner
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Resolved! Firepower 1010 to replace 5506?

This may be an obvious question for a var/partner, but is there any information on the FP1010 platform that's to take the place of ASA5506 to run FP? Per the below, the EOS is the end of July but I can't find any mention of a 1010 box on the Cisco si...

Brian Dean by Beginner
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ASA Firepower Module Issue

Dear Team, I had configured Firepower on out client's site and everything was working Ok untill he called and told me that Firepower wasnt working anymore. I went and checked and couldnt see any firepower traffic on ASDM. I checked on the Flash ans t...

tonyk0001 by Beginner
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Resolved! ICMP Logging Gone Wild!

Goal:How do I disable these ICMP messages on my ASA? Version 8.0(3)6 Problem:In my log file I have 343520 entries per hour of just ICMP messages! We're installing some new equipment and it does a plentiful amount of ICMP traffic which is used for its...

jradke by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Multi-context configuration change

I have a multi-context ASA with the following configuration:int g0/0 channel-group 10int g0/1 channel-group 10!int po10.106 desc CONTEXT1 - outside vlan 106!int po10.107 desc CONTEXT1 - outside vlan 107!context CONTEXT1 allocate-interface Port-channe...

Todd S by Beginner
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access-list hit count in FTD

We have FMC ( Ver ) anf FTD ASA5516-x now . I have set access control policy with application + URL , but I can't see any hit count on FTD.> show running-config | grep 268439554access-list CSM_FW_ACL_ remark rule-id 268439554: ACCESS POLICY: ...

jkim3 by Beginner
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Resolved! Natting an IP address to another IP address which is source IP of IPSEC Tunnel on ASA

What if I want to NAT an internal IP address to another IP address that should be allowed to transverse an IPSEC tunnel on an ASA? Example, I have address that I want to be Natted to which is an source IP allowed to reach 200.1....

FTD Internal traffic drop

Dear ALL, We just purchased the ASA5508-FTD-X for the internal firewall, all internal device's default gateway is point to ASA 5508, and have 3 vlan, vlan166(Server subnet) ,vlan177(VIP member subnet) & vlan 188(Staff subnet). We have two guestOS in ...

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