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Hi all, Has anyone successfully implemented NTP authentication in FXOS? I am running on a 2110 FPR series and have put in the following commands: scope systemscope servicescreate ntp-server a.b.c.d set ntp-sha1-key-id 2set ntp-sha1-key-strin...

mikeyn by Level 1
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Hi Team,We have created a separate partitioning and created virtual servers and pool members but not working.  I am able to do ping our Lan IP from ASA Firewall:  ASA-primary(config)# ping escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ...

Gents , I have a ASA 5506 Firewall work as a transparent mood.  I am trying to add ACL to port 1 and 2 to accept only 2 specific ip address to that port.this ASA have BVI interface  that assigned to PORT 1 and PORT 2 on the firewall.ASA giga Port 1 m...

LANSK by Level 1
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Experts, I have configured ASA 5505 -x firewall on a transparent mood  with  BDV interface.  I  assign port 1-2 for same bridge group. But when i connect to firewall in to two devices. firewall's  port  lights indicate green  color but they are blink...

LANSK by Level 1
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Resolved! Cisco ASA HA

Hi,       i have 2 questions on ASA HA:        1- when fail-over happens in Cisco  ASA HA  , does the ip addresss of interfaces on primary unit goes to secondary unit???         2- if i will configure ospf on ASA with router , which ip address (prima...

Hi,I deployed ASA 5516 with firepower model. I would like to know if firewall power subscription is expired all traffic will bypass or block ?If i want to use ASA function only without using firepower function ,Can deployed ? 

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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Hi, I am configuring a 5506-x for the first time. Without the firewall installed, staff currently access a remote desktop machine internally using the public IP address.  I have it configured so workstations internally can access the server in DMZ 1...

webmike10 by Level 1
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