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Hello ,  For a Firewall Rule at One 8370 managed from FMC , I see "Send Connection Events to" Selected as "Event Viewer" . But "Log at Beginning of Connection"  and  "Log at End of Connection" is not selected.  Having said that what should we expect ...


Hello, Pretty new to cisco, i believe my problem is firewall related, i'm having some strange issue on a 2960 running c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M2.binThe configuration is pretty basic.I've got an ISP modem, the cisco 2960, another cisco 892 for ...

XavierSys by Beginner
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Hi, We have a doubt: We are trying to get all the "Access-list" in which an IP appears and we are not able to list them in the ASDM, but neither in CLI, it seems that when configuring the rules from the asdm appear as objects of this ...

SupportAC by Beginner
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Good day. I have an ASA 5540 running 9.1 (7) 21 in the park for connecting remote users via AnyConnect (WebVPN). Since the CVE-2018-15388 vulnerability was recently rolled out, and this piece of hardware last year had EoL, the question arose whether ...

I have just started using FMC to configure a 2100 firewall. When working with interfaces and routes there is something wrong with the GUI. Tried several browser and the result is the same. Nothing is readable and moving around the seperators on the b...


I need help with the following error I'm configuring netflow in my network and when I assigned the configuration in the interface it shows me the following % Flow Monitor: Failed to add monitor to interface: internal error: field information missing ...

Hi Say I have a object host IP, and I want to see under which object group it belongs to. if I do show run | in IP (I only see the lines where the IP exist) not its main section and subsections.  What grep command will help me get its complete sectio...

Hola, espero me puedan apoyar con mi siguiente caso:Tengo configurado un firewalll fortinet, donde conecto 2 ISP de diferente proveedor, y en mi router 2900 hago que todo el trafico salga por la interfaz Gi0/1 ISP1.Agregué otro ISP a la interfaz Gi0/...

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