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Cisco FTD and FMC

As I begin to work more with the FTD/Sourcefire and FMC combination I really being to miss the ability to tie rules to just an interface and not have to think about order of operation when placing rules. I have mandatory and default, I always put my ...

Firepower Performance Estimator ( "ASA with Firepower Services" vs "FTD" on ASA 5525x)

   Hello, Everyone, I have an ASA 5525x w/IPS module which I need to migrate to FTD.I used a Firepower Performance Estimator Right now ASA 5525x consumes 50-60% of cpu. Conditions:Traffic: ~200 Mbps Enabled Features...

CSM version 4.19

Hi,   Does anyone know when CSM version 4.19 is planned to be released? It looks like that we are hitting the following bug but on 4.18 not 4.16:   ASA version is 9.10, so we need a...

RahmaSallm by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA State Table

I had a question about the ASA's state table. I may be overthinking this!When going from a higher security level to a lower security level, the ASA keeps track of the state of the connections, which you can see by 'show conn'.However, whenever you po...

Resolved! Routing issues on Cisco ASA 5510

Hi  I was wondering if someone could give me some assistance. I have been having some routing issues on the Cisco ASA. Firstly, this seemed to be an issue with inter-vlan routing which was causing some issues, and after some reading etc. I think that...

r4yfx by Beginner
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SNAT and DNAT with 1 IP address

Hi All.. ive setup with my 3rd party bank using NAT.for example.. if i want to hit their server, i would need SNAT from my side.if they want to hit my server, i would set for DNAT from my side. how about i want to hit their server and get hit by thei...

NAT rfp-check Result: DROP

Hello I have an issue with NAT configuration packet-tracer input DMZ1 tcp 1212 445 Phase: 1Type: ROUTE-LOOKUPSubtype: inputResult: ALLOWConfig:Additional Information:in insidePhase: 2Type: ACC...

148784 by Beginner
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ASA 5506 Connection Count

We recently moved off our older ASA5510  hardware platform is favor of a 5506-X.  After the upgrade we started noticing some extremely odd behavior on the 5506 forcing us back to the 5510.  On the 5510 we routinely saw 500-1000 connections per-second...

loud72 by Beginner
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Redundant NAT in ASA

I am in requirement of double NAT (Primary and Secondary) in Cisco ASA, I need to configure single public IP to 2 different Inside Local IP address, in any case primary IP address fails, ASA should nat public IP to secondary IP. How do I achieve this...

Siva1980 by Beginner
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