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Dear team, I'm experiencing some odd behavior on my FTD devices.I currently have a couple VPNs setup with different partners and all for the same purpose: getting the traffic to get to a VIP on my F5 device and, futhermore, get to the app servers. Al...

caiobomani by Beginner
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Hi all,I just made a vpn site-to-site and everything is working fine, but I just noticed that even if the tunnel goes down for idle timeout expiration ("Connection terminated for peer x.x.x.x. Reason: IPSec SA Idle Timeout"), the tunnel duration on A...

XEmmeX by Beginner
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Can any one explain what the below SLA commands does ? track 1 ip sla 1 reachability delay down 45 up 180ip sla 1 icmp-echo source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0 frequency 15ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now - How frequently the ICM...

RS19 by Participant
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Here is my case.   I currently have a Cisco ASA5545 running ASA 9.8(2) / ASDM 7.9(2)152.  The firewall is up and running with several VPNs and internet access, etc.  We just received a new 1GB internet circuit which we want to test for a while before...

I was talking to my reseller about buying a Firepower Module for my ASA 5516-X.Her expert told me not to do it because it will eat too much Internet bandwidth up. (500 Mbps - 700 Mbps!!)So I went to look online and only found one thread about this.I ...

srussel01 by Beginner
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how to I configuring the firewall public client ---> ASA5512 ---> c3750x ---> c2960s ---> host ( tcp 8888) detailASA5512       outside :       inside : c3750x       g0/0 :       g0/1 : c296...

lucifur by Beginner
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hi,i have ASA 5510 with firmware version 8.4.2 and ASDM firmware 6.4.5 , it is a new system and there is no configuration other than inside network and HTTP server enable , allow my ip address to access http able to ping the firewall but no...

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