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Hi, I have two 5512 ASA's. I did configuration that FW-2 become Active and FW-1 become Standby. But when I power on the devices always FW-1 become Active. I checked the "show failover state" command I saw that "Ifc Failure" reason. But I check the mo...

Hello,My remote IP is 200.20.x.x network each private IP is nat inside with a public IP address into my core router. From my core, I was able to ping all the remote sites 200.20.x.x but unable to ping the public IP's. From my remote, I was not able t...

Beast6 by Beginner
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Hi All, Anyone was successfull in installing IPS 7.0 on GNS3? I was able to get 6.0 working but 7.0 keeps producing errors like "Connection refused: Network error". I tried with different windows 7 and 8 machines but the same thing happens. If anyone...

Hi, I have two 3850 switch in stacking and uplink from each switch will be connected to Meraki MX65 for redunancy. As I know Meraki doesnt support port bundeling so can I give same IP Address to both ports of Meraki connected to 3850 switch, so if 1 ...

Hi friends, on a freshly installed FPR 4110 (2.4(1.222)), traceroute (as a command) doesn't work: PJFPR# connect local-mgmt PJFPR(local-mgmt)# traceroute parameter in , allowed characters are: a-zA-Z0-9. /:@_[]~-PJFPR(local-mgmt)# Any ...

paveljanik by Beginner
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Is supported on a 5506 running 9.9(2)? From the documentation it seems to be, but I'm having a hard time upgrading from the base 6.2.3 to I didn't notice any intermediate image being required. I've tried the upgrade twice and eac...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies
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Hi, I am not sure whether or not this is the appropriate location to ask questions about AMP but, I was wondering when would the "Simple Detection" feature ever be useful if AMP already knows a specified SHA is malicious. Would it be useful to turn i...

ZekiRamhi by Beginner
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There's a good chance I'm doing this wrong, but when I try to forward more than one port on my FTD box, it gives me the following error:   Here's the current rule in CLI:   nat (LAN-Side,ISP-Side) static interface service tcp ssh ssh Any idea why i...

image.png image.png
Scott_22 by Beginner
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Hi,I found documentation that ssh login should be able using x509 certificates. At least in NX-OS. But I did not find any documentation HOW this can be configured. Does anybody has a hint for me, where I can find more documentation about this? Is it ...

misch1942 by Beginner
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Hi guys, one of my customer's complains about a popup in the ASDM. When he open ASDM it appears a popup (see the image in attachment) that lasts for minutes. If he refresh the page this popup reappear. The only things to make it disappear if he click...

LolloD by Beginner
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Hi experts! I am feeling really humble as I have been troubled with this for several weeks.  We updated our domain controllers and this necessitated re-implementing our PKI certificate authentication to our LAN.  We have a semi-closed LAN, but allow ...

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