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SLA monitoring for IPSec VPN tunnel

Hello, I am trying to set up SLA monitoring for the purpose of keeping a vpn tunnel up at all times. The problem is you can't specify a source IP address when configuring the SLA monitor on an ASA to send a ping to the remote end so it uses the outsi...

Whitelist and Blacklist at FireSIGHT

Hello, I am checking the Whitelist and Blacklist at FireSIGHT. Some question still not clear 1) How to edit Global Whitelist and Global Blacklist?  Because I cannot find add IP address during edit them. 2) When edit Access Control under Policies.  ...

Machi Ma by Beginner
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Firewall Selection Criteria

Hi,  I am currently working in a Pre-sales environment and facing a lot of queries regarding firewalls and security. Recently I got a query in which client told me he has 500 users and he wants a firewall as per their need. So now i need to know whic...

afaqzafar by Beginner
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warning on firepower reporting screen

I did  a fresh install of 6.2.3 on an ASA5515.  Everything seems to be working OK but I have a yellow triangle warning on the reporting screen.  I can't find a way to see what this means.  I have attached a pic.  Any ideas,   TIA, Diego

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! DMZ1 to DMZ2

I have an ASA 5506-x running Software Version 9.9(1), and have configured basically 2 DMZs. DMZ1 has a web server and RDB configured and that is working find. I created another DMZ (DMZ2) and have a bare bones ESXi host setup on it. What I would like...

Foscoe by Beginner
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Resolved! Link FirePower with FireSight.

We bought FirePOWER Appliance 7010.What was done:FireSight ( Firepower Management Center) was deployed.And now we try to link FirePower with FireSight.Both equipment pigout each other.(versions:FireSight 5.4.0 , FirePower use documentation,...

woori-bank by Beginner
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ASA5506 - ASDM Firepower reporting

Thanks for reading, I have an ASA with Firepower and have setup Malware protection and URL filtering and all looks good from the monitoring in that I'm seeing threats detected and mitigated - Image attached.  I have 3 questions so any help appreciat...

davidfield by Participant
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Active/Active ASA Failover

  Hi , Friends !   i am using ASA Active and Active Failover Design   the Issue is that when both ASA Firewalls are powered off and i Power on Only one ASA at the time the ASA is waiting for more than 20 mins and shows all interfaces as   act/sec/SRV...

Delete object network

All, I am trying to delete an object network that has a static NAT in it but the ASA keeps saying it is in use.  What do I need ot delete first so that I can remove the object network? Thanks, All replies rated

angel-moon by Participant
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