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Hello,   1st post.     I wanted to know if anyone can point me to the direction locations or if you know the answer.  In FMC under (System>Configuration>Audit Log) Under Host can I had two IP address ? What would the format be ?  Should i use a ; : ...

FMC Audit Log.PNG
Ge0rge by Level 1
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Hi, I've remoted onto a device and I'm struggling to understand if I am actually on the firepower module or if it is integrated with the ASA. It could be that I am using an older version of code which is confusing me.   Cisco ASA5525-X Threat Defense...

Hello,   I'm trying to configure a NTP server on Cisco FMC (6.3.0). FMC is running on my VMware fusion. NTP server is running on a ubuntu VM. They both have connectivity, ping was tested. But the NTP server of ubuntu is not being used rather the FMC ...

jmendonc by Cisco Employee
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Hello, I recently upgraded our asa 5516-x to firmware 9.10 to get the dtlsv1.2 feature for anyconnect. After upgrading the firmware I noticed the clients were still not connecting using dtlsv1.2 but dtlsv1.0. I also had installed the latest version o...

jkay18041 by Level 3
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Hello,Am having issue in enabling captive portal on my asa device.Have been able to connect to the AD to download users. All i want is for the users to authenticate with the Active Directory by entering their credentials through the captive portal,An...

Laide by Level 1
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Hello, I'm trying to setup a FTD and FMC on my VMware Fusion with the MAC being the host. The FTD was added to my FMC successfully. But i ended up getting time synchronisation errors.   Can you please tell me how do I set up a NTP server on my MAC an...

jmendonc by Cisco Employee
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Hello all, I have the following Network Setup:ASA 5505(Security Plus License) -->Cisco Switch WS-C2960-8TC-L -->PC ASA has 8 interface VLANs, each one with an IP assigned. Cisco Switch has also 8 VLANS each one with an IP assigned.My PC belongs to 10...

Net_Stef by Level 1
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