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Resolved! Identifying users in fire power

At the moment, we have FSMC 2000 with cisco ASA 5545-X with fire power services and also NGIPSv on UCS-E blades.  At the moment, the only way we know how to identify users are by IP address or by syncing active directory.  Is there any other way to...


Is the main difference between FPS and FTD that with FTD as far as management of the ASA goes that object/ACE creation will need to be done from the FMC itself and not possible through an ASDM or CLI? Is it the goal of Cisco to eliminate IOS/CLI acce...

firepower error issue

hi, Our firepower has the following two wrong reports. What are the reasons for the operation of equipment? 1:URL Filtering Monitor URL Filtering download failure 2: Smart License Monitor Smart agent communication error with Smart Licensing Cloud. ...

jack lee by Beginner
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Traffic Rate Limiting on Cisco ASA 5545

Hello, We have a dedicated and synchronous 75Mbps internet link on the outside of an ASA5545 Firewall.  version 9.8(2), I want to control this rate, as a lot of people from the inside are heavily consuming the bandwidth.I want to customize 60Mbps for...

Amna Omar by Beginner
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Deny IP due to Land Attack same My IP

Hi,   I keep receiving log messages on ASA 5545X like this:         2Apr 06 201807:47:57 Deny IP due to Land Attack from to     This is for server -  IP which is 1-to-1 NAT ->   CONFIG:  ...

ACP error

Dears, I have here 2 queries:   I get the attached error while saving the configuration in the ACP and also while configuring the active authentication,   I am dong PBR for the the internet traffic 80,443,53 to my next hop that is adsl router and res...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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ASA-X Firepower IPS License?

I keep reading that the protection license is included with the firepower module.  So how do I find and activate the license if I don't care about updates?  I own a 5506X for home for studying purposes mostly, but also as an edge firewall and VPN.  I...

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