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Please can someone advise as I want to enable AMP feature on my FTD and want to create a amp any any rule on top of my access control rule base to inspect files uploaded and downloaded within my organization for malware protection.    I am confused a...

ASHI,   I have a cluster of 2 firepower/ASA in Actif/passif state.   This cluster will be used as a remote VPN gateway.   I thought about buying a public certificate to avoid the warning message of anyconnect when the ASA will present its self signed...

sam cook by Spotlight
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If anyone can help with this question.   We are about moving our FTD's HA to a new space. is there any special way to shutdown and bring up the devices. They are currently being managed on the FMC. They will also be retaining their current IP's. Woul...

Is there a way to collect the current running version of firepower without using FMC? SSH, snmp, python, etc...   I have dozens of different sites in multiple states that have firepower modules in their Cisco ASAs.  I would like to create a dashboard...

Hi I am having trouble finding (if it exsists) the OIDs for "Dropped Packets Rate". I see it in ASDM though would like to get this setup on some monitoring software i.e. Cacti/Solarwinds though I cant find an already made template or OID location.If ...

sean.cline by Beginner
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I have several remote sites using ASA5505 terminating on a FPR2140 ASA. All worked fine until i moved the VPN's to a new internet feed. Now all traffic, SNMP etc work ok but pings dont work so monitoring system cant show them as up. one site is still...

mickyq by Beginner
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